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Related mPerks Coupons. Product Description. Helps protect teeth from nightly grinding and clinching. Learn More Below. Ready to use. No boiling water and biting hot plastic required for fitting compared to most guards.

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Patented self-adjustable bite pads for a custom fit. Do not use for more than 12 hours in a 24 hour period. Not for use with dentures, braces or other dental appliances. Do not use for Disposable- The first of its kind ready to use night guard, offers a cost effective solution that provides exceptional comfort, protection and hygiene.

With an estimated 60 million adults affected by bruxism, more commonly known as teeth grinding or clenching, individuals may be affected by a variety of symptoms including worn tooth enamel, recessed gums, increased tooth sensitivity, jaw pain, earaches and headaches. Shop now! Out of stock.

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Magical winter lights coupon. Brilliant vinyl coupon code. Hepolar express st louis promo code. Lemonaid health promo code. Hawksnest tubing promo code. Check out our full line of dental products to find the right one for you! Your smile is important to you. You lead with it. You share it. Show yourself some love by caring for it. Enter your email to unlock your coupon code and receive other special offers and news. Comfort: The streamlined one-size-fits-all design is made to be worn on upper or lower teeth — whichever is more comfortable.

Hygienic: Each dental night guard is disposable and can be used for up to 3 days.

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Our dental night guards for teeth grinding and clenching are an instant fit every time! Add to Cart Where to Buy. You May Also Like Check out our full line of dental products to find the right one for you!

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Be Caring. They are versatile, fit great. I wear mine on my upper teeth. Read our full disclosure policy here. Reader, Missie, emailed me about this new Plackers product freebie!

Shipping will be FREE too! You need to call around! My daughter needs these. She has grinded her teeth since she was two! The last time we went to the dentist she had grinded her filings out. We paid another Lucky us! My husband woke me up three times Sunday night because I was grinding my teeth. Apparently I just started and maybe this will help. Not to put a damper on things, cause I love free things too.

I was really looking forward to trying this, but then I read the FAQ. Please read those b4 using, just to be on the safe side. Safer is always much better than frugal. What set off you suspicions on the FAQ page?? No suspicions, just read all the info on that page, including the info under the questions. Just my. Have a great day! I have grinded my front teeth down so short without noticing. I am using a dentek mouthguard but it keeps falling out in the middle of the night… eager to try another brand! Red circles in each category so your suspicious feelings may not be too far off base….

I need this! My hubby grinds his horribly! Mine went through fine and I even got a confirmation in my email already!! I got an error message, but I just submitted my information again. I then received an email confirming my order.


You might try again if you got the error message. I got an error message too saying….. Transaction Process ID 56 was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction. This is great! My daughter is 6 and whenever we go in her room at night we can hear her grinding her teeth. I am a dental professional.

Wearing a night guard is not recommended for kids. It could inhibit their growth. Grinding is pretty common in kids with both permanent and baby teeth present. I cannot wait to try these.