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If the anticipated wait were one hour to ride a coaster, your reservation time would be in one hour. A Gold Flash Pass reduces the wait time by about 50 percent. For example, your reservation time would be 30 minutes to ride a coaster with a listed wait time of one hour.

A Platinum pass virtually eliminates the wait.

Instead of waiting the posted wait time of one hour for a coaster, you could return in about 10 minutes. Platinum pass holders also get wristbands which entitle them to a second ride on select attractions. When the coaster pulls into the station, you flash your wristband, remain seated, and enjoy a re-ride.

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It's simple to use the Flash Pass. Go to the distribution center at the park on the day of your visit to pick up the device. In , the parks began switching suppliers and upgrading the devices. Guests can scroll through the available attractions, which are listed alphabetically, and can swipe one they would like to ride. The gadget will show the reservation time and notify users when it is time to ride.

You can arrive anytime after the reservation time. Flash Pass holders can only make one reservation at a time. There are separate entrances for the Flash Pass, which either route holders through the exit line to the loading station or cut into the regular line near the loading station. By placing a smartphone next to your wearable device, a Six Flags employee can confirm that it is time to ride and allow you to enter the bypass line.

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That's it. Up to six guests can use one device but Six Flags charges each user a fee.

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It's easy to cancel reservations. The device is water resistant, so feel free to let it get soaked on water rides. Speaking of water rides, some of the parks offer separate Flash Passes for use in their water parks. Note that the following prices are valid for the season. The prices vary from park to park and reflect the principle of supply and demand.

At popular parks with huge crowds, lots of major rides, and exceptionally long lines, the cost is higher than at less popular parks.

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For , some of the parks are using variable pricing and charge more on high-demand days such as weekends and holidays. You'll pay more on a Saturday in July than you would on a Tuesday in September, for example. Keep in mind that the cost for The Flash Pass is over and above the regular cost of park admission.

Explaining the New Six Flags Membership Options & How to Switch/Upgrade

Unless you are rolling in the dough you lucky dog , you're probably going to think twice before spending so much extra money for a day at the park. What might sway you one way or the other to buy a pass? Think about what you and your park posse hope to accomplish. Will you be visiting a park with lots of coasters and other rides that you really, really want to give a whirl?

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If you show up on a day when the park is packed, it would be impossible to pull that off without The Flash Pass. How much value do you place on packing in as many rides as possible when you visit a park? How frequently might you be visiting the park? If you are from out of the area, might this be your one chance to experience the rides at a park?

By the way, if you live near a park and like to visit often, Six Flags offers an all-season version of Gold and Platinum Flash Passes. What would you be willing to pay to avoid infernal lines? Your answers to these and other questions could help you decide whether to spring for the passes. Instead of a traditional season pass, Six Flags offers membership programs as an option. They come in a variety of levels with different price points and can be paid on a monthly basis rather than all at once.

The membership programs offer many benefits. That might be enough of a benefit to make The Flash pass unnecessary. Tickets are not available through the branch drive-thru.

Must be a member to purchase tickets in the branch. Check www. All ticket sales are final.

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No more waiting in the line to purchase tickets. Access Your Special Tickets. To access the special discount promo code, log in to Home Branch and click on the Amusement Park Tickets Available banner. Discounted tickets are not available through the branches and can only be accessed through Home Branch. Enroll in Home Branch today.